Walking Resolution Still on Its Feet

Walking Resolution Still on Its Feet

March 21, 2016

As I stated in my previous blog, I had a seemingly impossible task ahead of me. I could only reach my February goal of walking 100 miles for the month if I trudged 61 miles in the 8 remaining days. And 3 of those 8 days would find me on the road to Florida and back. It didn’t look good.

I checked around to see if anyone would trade resolutions with me. No way, they said. Sure stinks being you!

February 22–I mall walked with Tom. After 7 miles, I was tired and called it quits. If it had been the last day of the month, I would have found some extra energy—but it wasn’t—and I didn’t.

February 23–In the afternoon, I walked 3.5 miles on the treadmill while watching Gunsmoke.  Made me wish I had me a horse. That night I did 6.5 more treadmill miles while watching two episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger.  Just in case Chuck was watching me while I was watching him, I set the incline up to a more uncomfortable level and cranked up the speed. Ten more miles done—but still 44 to go.

February 24 & 25–Bonnie and I were on our two-day drive to Tampa to stay with our son Matt and his wife Jayne. We stopped en route for a visit with our granddaughter Elizabeth and great grandson Cash. That’s him hanging out at the top of this blog saying, “I’m three.” OK, so he’s pinky challenged, but isn’t he cute?! Even with all the car time, I still managed to get in four miles.

Jayne looks over the bay

Jayne looks over the bay

February 26–Bonnie and I walked with Jayne in the morning and with Matt when he got home from the base. Another 12 miles. I was up to 72. With 28 still to go and one of the three remaining days to be spent in the car, I highly doubted that I would reach my goal. However, Bonnie and Jayne assured me that it would happen. (Besides James Arness and Chuck Norris, those are two other people you don’t argue with.)

February 27–Matt, Jayne, Bonnie, and I went to Bok Tower Gardens. We wandered around all of the trails until we got 9 miles. There was no danger of getting lost since the 205-foot carillon tower was always in sight. I was up to 81 miles!

Bok Tower in the distance

Bok Tower in the distance

February 28–Jayne walked with us for 10 miles early in the morning. I thought Bonnie was fast, but she could hardly keep up with Jayne. That evening, Bonnie and I went out to get a few more miles in. The weather was great and we kept walking along the bay till we ended up in town—4.5 miles from the apartment. That meant if I made it back, I would be finished! My new goal was to get back by ten o’clock, which we barely did by jogging much of the way.

February 29–I didn’t even need leap day. I had reached my goal in only 28 days! With 31 days next month, March should be a cinch. Why did I ever doubt? I got this.

March 1–Bonnie said we aren’t going to plan trips at the end of the month anymore.



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